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a new heirloom japanese silk wedding album

I’ll be one of many to admit…  I’m a sucker for luxe things.

I’m sentimental towards (girly) things like plush area rugs, tufted settees and headboards, pink peonies, scented candles, cuddly puppies, super soft bed sheets, sweet smelling body scrubs, and bubble baths.  These are things I’m usually attracted to in small boutiques and if you caught me in a store in the middle of a display of skin products, you can bet you’d find me sampling everything.  And if I see a cute furry puppy up for grabs, Dougie knows to keep me at least 10 yards away or it’ll likely come home with us.  I love being surrounded by soft and luxurious items – I mean, who doesn’t?  They in turn make me feel fuzzy inside and just a teeny itty bit glamorous.  As a 6 year old, I remember mom (gently) scolding me numerous times in Macy’s to not touch a thing.  I was always (clumsily) picking things up and observing every inch of an item that was uber soft and then begged for mom to buy it for me… which, to this day, probably explains the dozens of soft fleece throws I have laying around the house.

John Keats once wrote: Touch has a memory.  While I was in the middle of ordering a wedding album for a couple, I decided to shy away from the standard leather I usually offer my couples.  And while the leather cover is equally beautiful, I wanted something just a little more memorable.  Something softer.  Something that would remind me of soft bed sheets, special lingerie, or the coziest blanket when touched.  Something that would make me want to handle the album with care as if it were one of my more sentimental items – like an heirloom piece.  And so, when I caress the new Japanese silk wedding album that I now offer I feel its tenderness and I know that what’s awaiting me behind the cover is probably just as tender with significant memories to follow.

Every couple should have their wedding documented in some tangible form.  So, for all my former couples who have not yet received an album I am offering 15% off the luxe Japanese silk heirloom wedding album seen here.  Just mention this blog post and the promotion will be given at the time of ordering.  And just because I don’t want anyone to feel left out, for all my future couples you’ll get 15% off, too!!  All you gotta do is mention this blog post.

Make it a great day, everyone!

xo xo


Album: Japanese silk cloth book cover in Taupe with spinal engraving.

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