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best wedding gift EVER + photobomber + peonies on film

As many of you know, Doug + I got hitched 2 weeks ago (today!).  God bless his thoughtful heart, because he knew his way to MY heart by presenting me with the best wedding gift I could ask for.  A brand new film camera!  I TOTALLY geeked out un-wrapping my gift.  I didn’t expect to have a camera in hand on my actual wedding day, but I did… and I enjoyed all of 2 seconds with it snapping a photo of the 3 most important women in my life – my mom, my Matron of Honor, and my Maid of Honor.

Courtesy of our friend/colleague/wedding photographer, Jeremy, here’s a photo of me using the camera right after I took it out of the box (there was even film already loaded in it!).

Well, I finally got the film scans back from Richard Photo Lab this morning and this is what I saw…


The photobomber.

But don’t these women look beautiful and happy?!

Aside from the hilarity of testing my new film camera on my girls (and on Jeremy), Doug’s more sweeter and romantic side had these peonies (my favorite flower!) delivered to my room that same morning… also caught on film.

My heart melts at the sight of peonies!

TGIF, lovelies!  Have the best weekend EVER!

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